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The number of Microsoft surprise : priority to scientific research, not the network

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Bill Gates in an interview distancing himself from Zuckerberg and reaffirms the priority of scientific research as the highest good of humanity.

The number of Microsoft surprise : priority to scientific research, not the network

It impresses with his statements Bill Gates who wishes to reiterate that the vaccines , not the Web , save the world , strongly rejecting the words of Mark Zuckerberg , CEO and co-founder of Facebook. Interviewed by the Financial Times states that it is a joke to ask the connectivity front of the anti malaria vaccine research . The survival of children and their nutrition are more important than access to the Internet , in priority scales of humanity. The world is not flat and , in the hierarchy of human needs , PCs are not in the top five said Bill Gates.

Bill- Gates -and- CPA- urges -support- for- GM- techniquesPer Gates must prevent infant mortality, we need to ensure that more people have the opportunity to get a good education. The number of one of Microsoft has decided to donate half of his wealth to philanthropic causes through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , surprising the whole world.

Power branded heaters boilers" Heaters on, do not need any order of the mayor "

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Thursday, October 10 Even as some citizens bollatese will have noticed : the heaters are back up and running even if only for a few hours and not bad considering the sharp drop in temperatures . Now we explain why.

In view of the upcoming weekend, in which there are adverse weather conditions with strong drop in temperatures , the City of Bollate remember that you can also turn on the heating before the official date of 15 October .

So the mayor Stefania Lorusso : “Our territory is included in the” climate zone E ” where the heating systems can be operated by law from October 15 to April 15 for 14 hours a day .”

He continues: ” If, however, out of this period the temperatures drop , as is happening these days , the law provides that the head of the plants of each building may decide to switch to a maximum of 7 hours a day without any need to derogation by the municipality . “

Finish the mayor : “Our citizens can turn the boilers immediately, without the need for any order . Of course, respecting the maximum limit of 7 hours is more than enough to bring warmth in the homes at the beginning of early autumn . “