Turtle Beach EarForce PX22

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Turtle Beach EarForce PX22

Turtle Beach has accustomed us to the product of respect lately . The success of the U.S. company has additionally strengthened through important partnerships , including one with Activision that gives valuable names and logos for the official headset galvanized by the Decision of Duty series . In addition to the standard of the components apprezzabilissima , Turtle Beach stood out particularly for the value of its top of the vary devices , that return to take up additional than three hundred cards to be taken home , a figure that certainly isn’t spent gently . The ability to expand its lineup with cheaper product , but no less deserving of care and a spotlight to detail , created by Turtle Beach one in every of the reference brands in the planet of gaming peripherals dedicated to audio. The PX2two EarForce are no exception , and are wisely to position themselves in an exceedingly market segment populated mostly by individuals willing to pay a very little bit a lot of than the peripheral base but in come back demand a sensible product and quality .

quality reasonable

The PX21 have been a excellent example of headset cheap however of high quality. With this new model , Turtle Beach has determined to meddle during a product without specific difficulties to improve it additional . The EarFroce PX2two headphones are multi-platform for use with PC (via USB and / or 3.5mm jack ) , Xbox 360 ( with RCA cable and additional support for connecting the microphone for voice chat ) and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones compatible , all for a listing price of EUR 79.ninety .
Branded with the logo MLG (Major League Gaming ) , the PX 22 occur enclosed in a durable box and treated black and blue . Out of the box , the primary issue we tend to noticed was the superb build quality that the manufacturer has continually been accustomed , in the midst of the rather lightweight weight headset . The materials used build the PX22 solid , sturdy and pleasant to the touch , the halls are wide and cowl the whole ear , headband and padded prime does not inundate the top of the top , even during extended gaming sessions . The lining is soft and snug headphones , don’t sweat the ear and not over-compressed . The microphone is on the left facet semi-rigid , absolutely adjustable and removable if necessary .
The solely flaw of the structural style is the length of the cable, so much too short and solely suitable to play on PC. If you wish to play sitting comfortably on the sofa you want to use inline amplifier and the cable system kit , terribly inconvenient especially in longer sessions . The amplifier in flip provides access to volume control, equalization of ups and downs on and off the microphone. The box is lightweight, but don’t deny that we tend to would have preferred the commands directly on one amongst the 2 pavilions headset to avoid us a footprint in the long term will be bothersome .

Suitable for all occasions

The nice advantage of the headphones is to isolate excellently player ambient noise , emphasizing the sounds and therefore the music in the sport for un’immersivita` total . The sounds are clear and outlined, and therefore the bass additional than satisfactory , and medium and high frequencies. Shoot , conversations and environmental noises and explosions are clear, intense and very satisfying . To enhance the experience we tend to think wonderful direction of sounds, such as to permit us to locate the direction of enemy hearth in an exceedingly shooter or immerse ourselves in the most sinister atmosphere of horror on duty.
The PX twenty two also are perfectly suited to watching movies and playing music , while maintaining a sensible quality and is confirmed because the headphones for use on multiple occasions . The omnidirectional microphone is extremely easy to adjust due to the direct commands and inline amplifier maintains the position resisting even a lot of abrupt movements . Using it in chat or a call on Skype , the sound of the voice is not distorted thanks to attenuation of ambient noise is transmitted in an exceedingly clear and defined .


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