luxury watches are sold online now

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L ‘ clock is so indispensable tool for the measurement of the time but it is also an accessory that features the look and distinguishes the person . An accessory that can take on the value of a complement of luxury, there are some, in fact , who have staggering costs . Among the most expensive luxury watches in the world there is a model completely covered in diamonds, 163 carats of white and yellow . A watch set in a bracelet with diamonds in the shape of heart that open like flower petals when you activate the spring mechanism. A value of $ 25 million . And an ‘ other , pocket , that after 5 long years of planning, was produced in a limited number of pieces for a value of $ 11,000,000 . It is a pocket watch in 18-carat gold . In these cases it comes to passion and emotion that are combined with the performance . The watch is a good thing that escapes the fashions of the moment and its value increases with the passage of time. In a market increasingly unstable , investment in rare watches and luxury is a safe investment and annuity certain. The annual market and global clocks is about € 25 billion and the main export destinations is made by Asians and Russians who absorb almost half. In an economy so weak and volatile , the results are nothing short of exciting . The best selections of watches, the rarest and most beautiful in the world, the most prestigious end up at auctions . Competitions involving passionate collectors from all continents , and which have mind-boggling . In 2010, Christie’s made ​​a record sale with a wristwatch in yellow gold , produced in 1943 , awarded to more than 4.5 million euro . The clock mechanism on a perpetual , chronograph and moon phases , represents the absolute world record for a wristwatch in yellow gold . Given the ever-expanding demand for these precious objects for excellence and exclusivity, its financial forecasts envisage even higher efficiencies . The luxury watch is really a timeless investment .


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